Pueblo’s North Side is among the most culturally, architecturally, and historically diverse neighborhoods in Colorado. Houses range from John Thatcher’s stately Rosemount mansion to the tiny, simple domiciles of the city’s vibrant working class. The neighborhood evolved in the shadows of the Pueblo County Court House, of churches and synagogues, Parkview Hospital, and the legacy of the Colorado Mineral Palace. Historitecture conducted an intensive-level survey of 347 properties in the southern portion of the neighborhood. This survey was intended to determine if the neighborhood is eligible as a Pueblo Landmark or National Register historic district. Historitecture, LLC., historic preservation specialists, was honored to contribute to the preservation and interpretation of this unique neighborhood.



City of Pueblo, Colorado



Colorado State Historical Fund Grant



Download full survey report and historical context.
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Find your street below and click on your address to download your Colorado Cultural Resource Survey Architectural Inventory Form. All forms are in Adobe Portable Document Format (PDF) and are approximately 1 mb.

Note: Time did not allow for concurrence between the consultant (Historitecture, LLC) and the staff of the Colorado Historical Society Office of Archaeology and Historic Preservation (OAHP) on individual National Register eligibility. The eligibility assessments in the forms posted at this site represent consultant field determinations only. Anyone interested in preparing a nomination for properties determined field eligible to the National Register should contact the National and State Register Historian prior to beginning the nomination process.

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